About us

Our trouser manufacture company has been operating since 1989r. We have been focused on being a trouser maker from the start of the production, that made us expertise in the matter of trouser production.

Since then we have had made over 2 mln pair of trousers both for retailers and big brands.

Our experience in making trousers is being seen in the quality of the product we are making. We have developed a team of experienced and dedicated sewing specialists that we are proud of in every day production life.

We quarantee quality and time of delivery. We are able to send the bulk order in two weeks depending on how big the order is.

We accept small orders aswell as big quantities.

We are proud to offer the lowest minimum order quantity in the industry for fully custom clothing. Quantities vary depending on pants design. Regardless of the quantity ordered we always ensure that your trousers is produced to the highest standard.

Our MOQs start from as low as 50pcs per trousers design, allowing us to support startups, small businesses and established brands internationally. Modaton is committed to providing exceptional trousers both men and women which meet the high standards of our customers and their brands. Please contact us to find out more and to discuss your requirements.

We invite you to contact us!